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SUPERLIFT - level up!

Our history has begun in 1996 with a small workshop, where the founders of the company - Wegrzeniejewski family - started importing used forklifts from abroad and refurbishing them. Since the mid-1990s, the demand for Western forklifts associated with the development of enterprises in Poland has been gradually growing and with it, year after year sales dynamically increased.

Superlift's product range expanded in 2015. 100% of shares and the management of Superlift was taken over by Leszek Węgrzeniejewski, who set as his goal to gain a key position in the wholesale and retail sale of used forklifts in Poland and also to expand beyond the country's borders. To achieve this, the company in the first step expanded its area of activity to Germany and the Netherlands. Superlift's current suppliers as well as customers come from most European countries and also from some countries in North and South America and Asia. A multi-year sustainable development plan based on clear principles and a defined goal has translated into sales of more than 2,000 used forklifts in 2022.

In January 2023 Jaroslaw Paszak, who has worked at Linde Material Handling Polska for the past 20 years holding managerial positions in the Sales Department including Sales Director and Key Account Director, became Superlift's Managing Director. The expansion of Superlift's Sales Team will enable the company to continue its growth by acquiring new Business Partners. Superlift's upcoming budgets also include the modernization of its logistics and workshop base, as well as the construction of a new headquarters to improve working comfort and the quality of service to customers and cooperators.

We are pleased to announce that the effects of our long-term activities have been recognized by one of the largest international forklift listing portal Supralift obtaining the title of TOP Seller 2022.

Best regards !
Superlift Team

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    The company offers services like: polovna oprema, rezervni delovi i dodatna oprema.

    The company specializes in Linde, Toyota, Wózki widłowe, Wózek widłowy, Forklift, Gabelstapler, Jungheinrich.