Kärcher MC 50 Road industrial sweeper Продаја - Španija

Cena bez PDV-a
14.500 EUR
Cena bez PDV-a
14.500 EUR
Grupa proizvodaKombinovani čistači
Brend/ModelKärcher MC 50 Road industrial sweeper
Godište proizvodnje2010
Sati korišćenja2.142 h
Lokacija MašineAmposta-Tarragona
Mascus IDFFD96057
Izaberi valutu:
Cena bez PDV-a14.500 EUR
PDV (21%)3.045 EUR
Cena sa PDV-om17.545 EUR
Opšte stanje (1-5)
Transportna težina1.150 kg
OpremaMokri/suvi vakuum
Ostale informacijeKarcher vacuum road sweeper, diesel engine with on-board operator, used, second-hand, used, this equipment provides the best results even on uneven surfaces: our karcher MC 50 sweeper-vacuum cleaner features an oscillating sweeping mechanism that, thanks to the unloading and to the hydraulic floating position, it always guarantees a constant pressure of tightening and, with it, an optimum sweep result. Neither heavy dirt such as bottles, large quantities of sheets or packaging pose any problem for the MC 50 Adv and they are shipped without debris to the 500-liter, sturdy, and robust dirt deposit. The straight suction duct reduces the risk of blockages. And if it happens, it is possible to extract the suction tube located between the suction mouth and the easily emptied dirt deposit with the help of two handles and without the need for tools. The change of accessories such as mowers, snow plows and spreaders is also carried out without tools. Our intelligent quick change system allows replacement in a few minutes. Compact and versatile multifunction road sweeper. Easily change accessories for different applications. It has turbine of great maneuver, turbine of direct aspiration, cabin glazed with panoramic vision, of maximum comfort and easy work. It also includes eco system, maximum performance and minimal wear, and oscillating brush head. Technical data: - Power: 19,24 / 26 kW / CV. - Surface performance: 14,000 m2 / h. - Variable sweeping width: 1,100 - 1,400 mm. - Water tank: 165 l. - Ability to climb slopes: 25%. - Travel speed: 0 - 20 km / h. - Measurements (length x width x height): 2.960 x 1.090 x 1.970 mm. - Emptying on high: 1,450 mm. - Autonomy with full tank: approximately 20 hours. - Weight: 1,150 kg. - Sound level: 87 dbA.


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Na Mascus.rs ćete naći mašine brenada Kärcher MC 50 Road industrial sweeper iz kategorije kombinovani čistači. Cena te Kärcher MC 50 Road industrial sweeper mašine je 14.500 €, registrovana je bila 2010 godine. Ta mašina se nalazi u Amposta-Tarragona Španija. Na Mascus.rs nadjite još mnogo drugih mašina marke Kärcher MC 50 Road industrial sweeper kao i drugih mašina iz kategorije kombinovani čistači. Detalji - Opšte stanje (1-5): 4, Sati korišćenja: 2.142 h, Transportna težina: 1.150 kg, Oprema: Mokri/suvi vakuum