Diesel Generator 165 kVA CIMEX SDG160 Продаја - Bugarska

Cena bez PDV-a
8.210 EUR
Cena bez PDV-a
8.210 EUR
Grupa proizvodaDizel generatori
Brend/ModelDiesel Generator 165 kVA CIMEX SDG160
Godina proizvodnje2018
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Lokacija MašineSofia
Mascus IDCE261199
Izaberi valutu:
Cena bez PDV-a8.210 EUR
PDV (20%)1.642 EUR
Cena sa PDV-om9.852 EUR
Opšte stanje (1-5)
MotorRICARDO TURBO Charger with Intrecooler Direct inje
Snaga motora181 kW (246 KS)
Izlaz165 kVA
Učestalost50 Hz
Voltaža220 V
Ostale informacijeThe Cimex SDG160 silent diesel generator is designed for primary and emergency power supply. The diesel generator is perfectly suitable for supplying power of houses, buildings, offices, petrol stations and everywhere that a grid is out of order or entirely missing.

It is characterized by high reliability, low noise (the generator is silent and is 50% quieter compared to a standard generator), economy and a large operating resource. The low noise level, anticorrosive coating, and compact dimensions allow the generator to be used for outdoor installation near buildings.

Thanks to the built-in AVR ( automatic voltage regulator), the generator CIMEX SDG160 provides a stabilized power supply that allows the generator to be powered by computer equipment, servers and other electronics, medical equipment ins hospitals and any other voltage-sensitive devices. To ensure emergency power supply, the generator is standardly equipped with an AMF (ATS) module, by which, the generators starts and switches automatically to power emergency power mode when the mains voltage drops off.

The diesel generator Cimex SDG160 is:
• Drive: industrial diesel engine
• Very quiet - 50% quieter than standard muted generators;
• A fuel tank located at the top of the generator, allowing easy charging and cleaning of the tank if necessary;
• Anticorrosive coating painted powder;
• LTS panel, voltmeter, ampere meter, hertz meter, fuel timer, fuel level indicator, low level/pressure/oil protection.
• Improved engine and alternator cooling system;
• Ability to self-test;
• Built-in AVR - automatic output voltage regulator allowing power-sensitive electrical appliances and devices;
• Built-in automatic start when supply voltage drops (ATS);
• Side opening lids providing quick access to nodes and aggregates
• Brushless alternator


• Output voltage (V) 220, 380
• Number of phases 3 (three-phase)
• Maximum power (kW) 132kW / 165 kVA
• Rated power (kW) 120 kW / 150 kVA
• Aut. voltage regulator (AVR) YES
• Fuel consumption at 75% load (g / kWh) 248
• Fuel consumption at 100% load (g / kWh) 330
• Automatic Emergency Power Supply System (AMF) YES - OPTION


• Fuel Diesel
• Model RICARDO TURBO Charger with Intercooler Direct injector
• Working volume (cm & lt; 3 & gt;) 7010
• Power (hp) 181
• Number of cylinders 6
• Cooling Water
• Starter Electric

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