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Brend/ModelTrimble GS110
Lokacija MašineFort Pierce, Florida
Mascus IDD112D0B0
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Broj internog magacinaTR-GS110
Ostale informacijeDescription: GS110 MINI CABLE REEL
The GS110 Cable reel is designed for two styles of boom: proportional hydraulic crane booms (when you pull on telescoping lever, boom sections telescope equally) and booms with a maximum boom length of 32 feet (10 meters)
With a small footprint, the GS110 is easy to install and reduces system costs
The stainless steel cable can terminate at the end of the first telescoping section on a proportional boom, eliminating the need to run the cable all the way to the boom tip and reducing cable breakage
When the crane is telescoped, the GS110 Cable Reel only excites the length potentiometer to get a length reading
Trimble Lifting Solutions utilizes a much stronger steel cable than you will see on competitors’ reels (They must use the cable reel cable to move the A2B signal as well, decreasing the strength of the cable)
Cable reel cable breakage is very minimal with our cable reel
The extension length of the cable is 32 feet (10 meters)
For proportional boom designs, the GS110 is ideal to eliminate the need to run the cable all the way to the boom tip, which helps to eliminate cable breakage when working in proximity to trees, etc.
A wireless transmitter box mounted on the front face of the GS110 Mini Cable Reel transmits the boom length and boom angle simultaneously back to the display (This eliminates the cable that typically runs between the cable reel and the display and saves installation time)
In the long run, the GS110 reduces support costs by eliminating another cable or connection that requires troubleshooting
Users will enjoy the ability to quickly setup and adjust the boom angle from the display, eliminating the need to manually adjust the boom angle physically on the cable reel
The GS110 Mini Cable Reel frame is 9.13” wide X 7.25” tall, and its compact design will retrofit onto a diverse range of crane types
The angle and length sensors are read 4 times per second, with this data being transmitted to the display
Angle sensor accuracy is .2°
The GS110 Mini Cable Reel can be left or right hand cab mounted, the angle sensor will automatically adjust its orientation for the side of the boom that it is installed on
The transmitter box is powered as standard by one “D” cell lithium battery with a typical life span of 1-2 years (Users can also use a “D” cell alkaline battery if required)
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