Cena bez PDV-a
74.738 EUR
90.000 USD
Cena bez PDV-a
74.738 EUR
90.000 USD
Grupa proizvodaBetonare
Godište proizvodnje2019
Dodatne opcijeNovo/nekorišćeno
Mascus IDF268F475
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Cena bez PDV-a74.738 EUR  (90.000 USD)
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Zemlja proizvodnjeTurska
Ostale informacijeMIXER GROUP
Main unit of the mobile concrete plant. All equipment is mounted on the trailer chassis and the system is made fully mobile. Compared to stationary concrete plant, mobile concrete plant has many advantages. To list the main ones;
- Low set up costs. There is no need for large foundation concrete bases for the installation of a mobile concrete plant. Only the basic concrete pedestal for the cement silo should be constructed. This way, set up costs are minimized.
- Easy set up and commissioning. While the installation of the stationary concrete plant lasts 10 to 15 days, the installation of the mobile plant lasts 2 days and 1 day for each welded type of cement silo installation and 3 days for the bolted type cement silo is enough.
- Easy maintenance and low maintenance costs. Since all equipment is compactly mounted on the trailer chassis, the mechanisms can be disassembled and maintained or replaced in a very short period of time.
. Double-spiral arm design ensures obtaining desired homogeneous mixture in the shortest time.
Special GAMAK electrical motor is driven by 37*2 kW YILMAZ reducer.
Thanks to the spiral mixer arms which fully sweep the inner surface of the mixer, obtaining concrete at the desired quality is possible. There are 2 group mixers and 2 panel scrappers available as right helix and left helix. Liners are 14-16% manganese cast and palettes are produced from Ni-Hard4 cast material.
Fast and easy unloading.
Max. 110 mm sized aggregate mixing capacity.
In the event of a power failure, there is a quick coupling and lever on the unit to manually open the hydraulic discharge cover and the lid to unload the concrete mixture in the mixer.
Low operating and maintenance costs, fast and easy to use mixer shafts and seals.
Chain drive system, easy to service and maintenance.
The inner wear liner plates are easy to replace.
Operator faults are prevented by using ILC (Italian) Automatic centralized lubrication system. Bearings are lubricated with our time-controlled lubrication system to prevent hazards such as oil leaking or heating, winding.

Main Aggregate Bunker :
4 niches. Each niche with 15 m3 aggregate storing capacity. A total of 60 m3 capacity.
5 mm. Made of St-37 sheet metal.
Four pneumatic cylinders for dosage lid control, one for each niche.
A total of 2 electrıcal italian vibrators in aggregate bunker sand niches.

Aggregate Scale :
3.000 kg weighing capacity
5 mm. Made of St-37 sheet metal.
4 pcs. KELLY Load-Cell weighing cells.
The ability to digitally view weighing data in the control panel.

Mixer Feeding Band :
Band Width: 1.000 mm Length: 14.000 mm
15 kW. GAMAK electrical motor DISSAN reducer.
EP125, 4 layers of rubber covered, 10mm. thickness, manufactured according to TS542 standards.
Locked type motor coupling reducer is used to prevent line slip. The driving drum is covered with rubber
Water Scale :
Mounted on the mixer. 550 kg. water weighing capacity.
ø150 Italian electro pneumatically controlled dump valve under the water scale.
3 pcs. KELLY Load-Cell weighing cells.

Cement Scale:
Mounted on the mixer. 900 kg. weighing capacity.
ø300 Italian electro pneumatically controlled dump valve under cement scale.
3 pcs. KELLY Load-Cells.
Italian electrical vibrator.

Additive Dosage System :
Mounted on the mixer. 50 kg. weighing capacity.
1 pc. KELLY Load-Cell weighing cell.
Electro pneumatically controlled bottom dump valve.

Operator Cabin :
Made of 2 mm St-44 sheet metal, dimensions are 2400 mm x 2200 mm x 2200 mm.
Thermal insulation was made by using 40 mm glass wool between the sheet panels.
As an option, may be equipped with camera system to monitor aggregate bunker fill rate and color TV.

Air Compressor :
AK6000/500 AKKOMP
Motor Power = 7.5 HP.
(Dimensions 800 x 1800 x 1400)
Operating pressure 7-8 Bar. Air flow rate 860 litres/minute
550 litres air tank

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