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Ruska Federacija, Челябинская область, Chelyabinsk (Челябинск)
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BurSpetsTekhnika LLC is a supplier of drilling solutions having a
ten-year experience in manufacturing of special equipment. We
have been producing exploration drilling rigs since 2005.
Our compact-size hydraulic and electric drilling rigs, mobile
drilling machines, auger trucks, screw pile drivers and construction
drilling equipment are designed for water drilling, construction,
repair and maintenance of power transmission and
communications lines, construction of pile foundations and
associated works. Applications: power industry, gas and oil
industry, road industry and public utilities, industrial and civil
construction, construction of bridges and other structures in
Extreme North, Far East and ever frost environment at extremely
low temperatures.

BST qualified specialists are able to handle any technical
challenges and offer unique engineering solutions tailored to
ever-increasing needs of the customers.

Reliability and high quality of machines have been proved by
long-term operation experience in electric power systems of both
Russia and foreign countries, at construction, oil and gas, road
and public utilities facilities.

Innovations. Since 2008, high performance mobile drilling rigs
intended for different pile foundation works have been
added to our product range. We offer state-of-the-art engineering
solutions that allow our clients to optimize their operating
expenses and increase their competitive ability.

Trust of partners. Today, over 300 Russian and foreign companies
are doing business with BST.

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